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Email & SMS (Text) Marketing

SMS and email marketing have become a powerful combination. When used together, the results are impactful.

What is Email and SMS Marketing?  Email and SMS marketing is a form of direct marketing that gets your campaign message directly to the consumer by way of an email or text message.

Being open minded and creative is critical when it comes to operating and staying competitive with your business.  Before you assume this isn’t for you, let us point out a few reasons to reconsider.

Many owners and operators are quick to cut corners to save money, but at what cost?  There’s a reason marketing agencies like ours exist.  They key is finding the right company that gets you a return on your investment.

Imagine the possibilities and what could be possible when you take your awesome product or service and combine it with the power of a successful creative marketing agency.


Planning is one of our key focuses when it comes to any project. The more time we spend discovering your wants, needs, and details of your business, the greater the chance we get it right...and get it right the first time.


Whether we're talking aesthetics or the functionality of your project, we take pride in perfecting the design before we get started. This ensures that you get the desired outcome and there are no surprises.


Discovery & design are key elements to everything we do but success is impossible without proper execution. Our account managers are our project managers and see to it that every aspect is perfect and delivered on time.

What Are The Benefits

…of Email & SMS Marketing?


Every company needs to keep up with the times if they’re going to effectively engage their audience and get the results they need. In the past few years, SMS (Short Message Service, better known as text messaging) has burst into the scene as a top communication platform.


Given the popularity of smartphones—which the vast majority of us keep at our sides at all times—there’s no surprise that SMS and email marketing have become a powerful combination. When used together, the results are powerful.


What’s there to gain by combining email marketing with SMS? A lot.

Email Converts More Than Social

Compared to social media, email marketing converts 40% more.

More People Are Leaning Towards Short Text

48.7 million people will choose to receive business SMS messages by the end of 2020.

Segmentation Matters

Segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.31% more email opens.

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Sample Email & SMS Marketing Projects

by our team, for our clients…

Below you’ll find samples from real projects we’ve completed for real clients.  Click on an image to see the details of any project. 

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